About Us


The story of the collective starts back in June 2019.

Writers and poets, Megan McCorquodale and Rachel Munford, met over a couple of pints and decided that we should start a collective to join artists, poets, writers, musicians and more within Glasgow.

Finding a gap in open mics and other artistic outlets, we decided to form the collective to encourage an inclusive arts scene in Glasgow.

That’s how the collective was born.

Officially established August 2019.


The purpose of this collective is to give an honest platform to all types of artists and creatives within (currently) the Glasgow area.

We aim to showcase talent which may be overlooked and to encourage a community of inclusion, diversity and inter-disciplinary networking.

How it works

The Dirt Collective Scotland is led by its founders, Megan and Rachel, and all decisions are made democratically with its committee.

With an emphasis on inclusion and fairness, all decisions will be made by the committee in relation to any collective activities.

We are currently recruiting people to join our committee – learn more here.

Photo by Megha Ajith on Unsplash